Ubuntu helps millions of Indian students to learn

Ubuntu and its hardware partners like HP are at the forefront of supplying computers to Indian students.

Government in India understands that IT literacy will help drive the already fast-growing Indian economy into the sustainably profitable knowledge-based sectors vital for its future.  To enable this transformation they’ve invested in computers making them readily available to Indian students.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, one of the world’s largest government sponsored laptop programmes is taking place with 1.5 million Ubuntu/HP laptops delivered.

Uttar Pradesh has witnessed the economic growth in the knowledge-based and IT intensive service sectors in India.   They want to promote IT literacy, as a means to encourage their graduating students to think about careers like software development.  With two million software developers in India, Uttar Pradesh is keen for its young people to join their number.

The Government of Assam has given  28,000 Ubuntu laptops to learners this year alone.  They run an incentive programme for grade 12 students to receive a free computer if they achieve more than 60% in their final exams.  Their value is explained by MK Yadava, former Managing Director Assam Electronics Development Corporation (AMTRON): “The Ubuntu-based PCs are of huge benefit to the students of Assam. They have all the educational programmes they need – from word processing to spreadsheet creation – and it’s all ready to go from day one.”

At The University of Delhi, placed third in India’s university rankings, 65,000 Ubuntu HP laptops have been deployed on campus for its students.

The feedback in all these successful programmes has been that Ubuntu is a preferred solution in Indian education because:

  • It’s secure and virus free

  • An abundance of Education applications are available on the Ubuntu Software Centre

  • It has all the productivity software that students need in LibreOffice

  • It’s low-cost, and proven

“At Canonical these programmes are very exciting for us”, explains Maria Bonnefon, Director, channel and market development.  “Ubuntu has always been about collaboration – humanity towards others, and the freedom to participate.  These programmes extend that freedom to communities which otherwise may have been cut off from it.  We look forward to continuing our involvement in education in India with our partners, like HP”.

Ubuntu solutions are increasingly embraced by educators from nursery schools to higher education institutions across the globe.  To learn more  about how Ubuntu laptops and desktops can enable a great educational environment for students, teaching staff, and administrators email us at education@canonical.com


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