Big Data Explained, Analysed, Solved

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This eBook gives an overview of what big data is and its growing importance.

Download this eBook to answer the following questions:

  • What is Big Data and what different types of Big Data are there?
  • What is the increasing importance of Big Data?
  • What applications / tools managed services / clouds should I use to get the most from Big Data?

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Alexia has been working in B2B marketing, for technology start-ups focusing on inbound marketing, lead generation strategies, digital marketing, branding, event organisation and PR. Prior to joining Canonical she worked at VIRTUS Data Centres, a data centre start-up where she helped shape the marketing strategy and brand foundations of the company, with the newly-formed marketing team. She began her career in law but was soon won over by marketing. A Greek living in London, she loves sunny days, running, technology and travelling.

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