Digest #2019.12.16 – Artificial Intelligence of Things

AI to Identify Unknown Civil War Soldiers – An interesting piece by Time on the use of Artificial Intelligence for facial recognition; the software calculates the difference between proportions of the face and facial portraits like the eyes to match an uploaded picture with picture available on the web. This allows matching of discoloured, disoriented and partially torn pictures with up to 80% accuracy. The software has identified more than 3300 photos and won the Microsoft Cloud AI Research Challenge.

Understand AI and ML better – AI-related search terms are gaining a lot of popularity and ranking amongst the top are artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These technologies, while similar are not exactly the same. Read more in the article to learn the basic differences between the technologies at an introductory level.

Artificial Intelligence Meets IoT – Two of the most widely discussed, researched and invested technologies of the decade are AI and IoT, but combining the two makes our devices, gadgets and digital life a whole lot powerful. Meet the Artificial Intelligence of (connected) Things. Examples of AIoT include the tech that enables Amazon’s Go stores, autonomous driving, fleet management, delivery drones, you know, all the cool things we’ve been waiting for!

Machine Learning Top Job for Developers – Data Science, AI and ML engineers, product managers and architects have dramatically taken over and conquered job postings across the globe. This momentum is shifting the tides of developer attitudes, gaining more traction in the field. New and experienced developers alike voted for AI, ML to be their field of interest. Most developers are trying to get their hands dirty with some form of development in the technologies. Even with all the new peaked interest, the number of open jobs hints that there’s a real shortage in the market. It’s a good time to be in this field!

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