liam zheng

on June 11, 2020

2020年6月16日,微软欧洲线上开源峰会(European Virtual Open Source Summit )将是一个与哪些来自云上开源技术未来的社区、企业和开发者接触和聆听的机会。


  • Azure上的Ubuntu :公有云上最流行的Linux版本和为Azure的优化
  • Cloud-init:为在全运行状态下提供自动发现、配置镜像的定制化云实例的标准


  • Azure版Ubuntu Pro:由Canonical设计通过Azure市场提供的高级版镜像,默认包含了Canonical提供的关键更新和合规服务订阅服务,无需额外的购买。
  • 适用于multi-cloud的Azure Arc:从Charmed Kubernetes上的私有云到具有Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS)的公共云的统一运营管理。Ubuntu已经是默认操作系统。
  • WSL上的Ubuntu:在Windows 10上仅需几分钟即可完成安装的Ubuntu终端环境。可在Windows 10上访问Linux终端,开发跨平台软件和管理IT基础设施。
  • Windows上的MicroK8s:Windows新的独立安装助手,可让你一次安装与上游一致的Kubernetes环境。


演讲主题:使用适用于Azure的Ubuntu Pro在开源基础上构建

日程列表中,有超过30个开源主题。Canonical的公有云副总裁Christian Reis将于CET时间下午3点15分做关于使用适用于Azure的Ubuntu Pro来使经济性、速度性和安全性得以提高的演讲。内容摘要:

Every day, organizations of all kinds and sizes choose to harness open source innovation as part of their development and operations. Many have embraced Linux, Docker and Kubernetes and are now adopting open source beyond the infrastructure layer, as evidenced by the widespread adoption of ecosystems like Python, Node.js and Go, and workloads like Kafka, Redis and Elasticsearch. From retailers to financial services enterprises running on Microsoft Azure, Ubuntu has rapidly become a preferred platform to harness that innovation.

But how can organizations balance the fast pace of community-driven open source innovation with their own imperatives of security, compliance and support? And what does an open source security strategy mean for enterprise environments?


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