Container World 2017

21-23 February 2017
Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara Convention Centre

Canonical is a sponsor of Container World 2017 taking place on February 21-23 in Santa Clara, CA, and would like to invite you to attend as our VIP guest at a discounted rate. You can register here using code CON30 to claim a 30% discount.

We’re hosting a pre-conference workshop on Feb 21 on ‘Getting Started with Containers and Kubernetes’, which will be led by Canonical’s very own Marco Ceppi, DevOps Engineering Manager. This will be followed by Dustin Kirkland’s session on the first day of the main conference (Feb 22) focusing on using the right container technology for the job!

Details of each session is below.

In the meantime, take a look at the Containers and Kubernetes DevOpsChat session that Dustin had with David Daly.

Join our live Twitter chat with Dustin on 16th February 2017 @ 8pm GMT / 3pm EST. You just have to follow the #DevOpsChat hashtag. Everyone can follow, answer the questions and comment. More info here:

We hope to see you in Santa Clara!

Session details
Hands-on workshop: Getting Started with Containers and Kubernetes

Date: February, 21st

Time: 3:00 – 4:30pm

In this hands-on workshop you’ll dive into containers, how they’re composed, and their uses. From there you’ll stand up a Kubernetes deployment either in the cloud or on your laptop and dive in to how containers can be managed on platforms like Kubernetes.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to identify the differences in container types, how to setup a Kubernetes install, and the vocabulary and common workflows for running containers on Kubernetes.Attendees will need to bring a laptop.

For those of you interested in running Kubernetes, you’ll need Ubuntu running on your laptop or virtual machine with a minimum of 4GB RAM and SSD drive. Otherwise, temporary cloud credentials will be provided for deployment sections of the workshop.

Marco Ceppi, DevOps Engineering Manager, Canonical

Session: Use the Right Container Technology for the Job

Date: February, 22nd

Time: 1:30 – 2:10pm

Application containers, machine containers, process containers, system containers — what’s the difference? 12-factor apps, Microservices, cloud-native application design — are these real? Docker, Rocket, OCID, LXD — do I need all of them? Should I run PaaS on top of my IaaS, or my IaaS on top of my PaaS? Do containers fit into PaaS or IaaS? Or both? Neither? Where are the intersections of Kubernetes, Swarm, Mesos, and OpenStack? How do I ensure compatibility across my public and private clouds? And how does bare metal — from my commodity, scale-out x86 to my powerful, scale-up mainframes fit into all of this? Can any of this stuff actually be used in a highly secure environment?

In this session, Dustin will explain the container ecosystem in clear, concise terms, from real enterprise user experience — the successes and the failures.

Dustin Kirkland, Ubuntu Product and Strategy Lead at Canonical

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