Mobile World Congress 2017

27 February - 2 March 2017
Fira Gran Via Conference Facility

Software is what helps telcos manage their network in an intelligent and automated way. Software is what turns a generic rack of server into a mobile telco, a landline operator or a big data backend. Software is what turns a home hub into an IoT Gateway, a file server or a voice control hub.

This year at Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest annual gathering for the mobile and telco industry, our booth will tell the story of how Ubuntu is at the very center of the world’s software-defined future. Drop by our stand, in Hall P3 – 3K31 to see our OpenStack, Kubernetes, 5G, NFV, network equipment, consumer IoT, enterprise IoT and Phone demos or book a meeting with our executive team.

Cloud/5G/NFV demos
Demo name Details
vEPC in Containers Experience a 5G LTE base station live demo deployed in Docker containers featuring EPIC by Expeto
ARM64 5G EPC Live Demo ARM64 EPC running locally on Cavium ThunderX servers and spanning multiple booths in different halls via fiber link. The solution utilizes Cavium’s BBU and RRH with Quortus’ ECX EPC, serving video streams live!
VNF CI with Ixia Watch VNF CI automated testing with Ixia software and hardware solutions
SDN for OpenStack & Kubernetes See a SDN deployment in OpenStack and Kubernetes using Calico’s scalable, pure layer 3 solutions
NFVI Acceleration with 6Wind Deploy NFVI acceleration using 6Wind charms and Juju
5G Cloud RAN slice Experience live 5G cloud RAN slicing with Ubuntu Core and the Canonical model-driven NFV solution, featuring OpenAirInterface vRAN and vEPC with Mosaic FlexRAN controller
Scalable VIM & Containers Experience Kubernetes and OpenStack deployments scaled live in minutes
NFV Automated Behaviour Oriented Testing This demo features Rebaca’s Automated Behavior Oriented Testing (ABOT) Cucumber-based framework deployed with either Project Clearwater IMS core or Eurecom’s OpenAirInterface EMS NFV
Big Software Deployments in OpenStack Deploy Big Software applications like Hadoop or Kubernetes quickly and easily within OpenStack using the embedded Juju OpenStack plugin
Automated OpenStack Install with Autopilot Deploy the latest OpenStack release in a handful of clicks and in less than thirty minutes, you choose the software components and hardware layout, Autopilot will do the rest!
Live Linux Kernel Patching Canonical’s LivePatch service applies critical kernel security fixes without rebooting your system, reducing planned or unplanned downtime while maintaining compliance and security
A Zero Latency Container Hypervisor Remove OpenStack VM latency and increase density by 10x for your Linux applications; LXD machine containers are instances with VM versatility but container speed and agility, no code modifications required.
Carrier-grade NFV MANO: the powerful combination of Juju and Open Baton Experience the integration of Juju as Generic VNF Manager into the Open Baton NFV framework. Their powerful runtime management features, autoscaling and self-healing, will be demonstrated using Core Network Dynamics carrier-grade IMS and EPC VNFs.
Network equipment demos
App enabled top-of-rack switch Ubuntu Core running on a top-of-rack switch (ToR) like the Facebook Wedge platform and even WiFi APs, running MAAS rack controller software to provide scale-out OS provisioning
App enabled mobile base station Product launch The world’s first open source production-ready mobile and IoT base station running Ubuntu Core to provide a series of applications that easily reconfigure the equipment and rapidly launch new services.
Devices demos
Industrial Augmented Reality helmet The DAQRI Smart Helmet, powered by an Ubuntu AR application, can be used in industrial settings and brings to life all the data generated by the new world of Industrial Internet of Things
Appstore for robots Easily reconfigure and manage the software of autonomous robots based on Ubuntu, from toys to research and from cars to industrial applications.
Ubuntu phone by UBports Product launch UBports present the latest port of Ubuntu phone: the Fairphone 2.
Smart advertising screens Product launch Transforming standard digital signage in retail into interactive displays interacting with customers and merchandise
Smart vending machines A vending machine that can be reconfigured via software, from lead generation to a telco in a box or a base station.
Smart Industrial IoT Product launch App enabled secure industrial IoT gateway for predictive maintenance, security camera or building automation.
Smart home hub App enabled secure home gateway, access point, IoT gateway, NAS, burglar detection, are all just one app away
Developer solutions Canonical’s offering for the development and operations of secure IoT devices from autonomous robots to gateways

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