Software Governance and Automobiles: Building the Open Road

13 April 2018
New York, NY, 10027
Columbia Law School

The automotive world is is about to face an unprecedented technological shift over the next 5 years. As vehicles and roadways become software-defined with the explosion of the internet of things, the questions of software governance and the social issues behind them will become increasingly critical.

In this unique, one-day, by-invitation event at Columbia Law School, explore the technical, legal and social questions concerning software governance in the near-term automotive future including;

  • How can innovations in software engineering help us to improve reliability and serviceability of embedded automotive software?
  • How can user innovation be maximized, allowing car owners to modify the operation of their vehicles, while preserving safety and allowing manufacturers to limit their liability?
  • How can vehicles be upgraded in service without also creating dangers of malware injection and privacy invasion?

Canonical & Ubuntu founder and CEO Mark Shuttleworth will be presenting technological solutions in free software distribution and governance in an automotive context.

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