Strata and Hadoop World New York

James Donner

on August 18, 2015


Big data means big business. Strata & Hadoop World is a leading conference that brings analysts, executives, and data scientists together to showcase the future of big data. Canonical are excited to be Exabyte Sponsors for an eventful showcase of industry trends, software solutions, security, and emerging topics within the field.

If you haven’t registered for Strata & Hadoop World, don’t forget to use the promotional code CANONICAL20 to get 20% off the ticket price!

If you’re attending Strata & Hadoop World, don’t forget to stop by Booth #358 to learn about our innovative solutions. In addition, we invite you to join Canonical’s Strategic Program Manager Samuel Cozannet for our sponsored session. More information is available below.

Fast fish eat slow fish: How to move faster

Time: 5:25pm–6:05pm Wednesday, 09/30/2015
Location: 1 E15

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a startup, successfully competing with modern, nimble, fast-moving companies like Uber or Airbnb can only be done with modern, model-driven development environments and big data solutions. Infrastructure shouldn’t restrict the interactions between relational data and big data. Development shouldn’t slow analytics. Third-party software integration should be native.

You need a fluid solution that allows you to map and adapt to all the changing relationships between your customers, your company, your data, and your analytics. Find out what Canonical is doing to make you a fast fish, regardless of your size.

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