Goodbye SBS, hello Linux alternatives (Canonical/Zentyal joined webinar)

With the discontinuation of the popular Small Business Server many local IT resellers are looking for alternatives that can help them continue providing solutions for their small and medium customers. Zentyal, an Ubuntu-based server for small and medium businesses, comes as the natural choice. Easy-to-use, fully functional, MSP-friendly and cost effective, it is a complete replacement to Small Business Server. It is fully supported by Canonical, the company behind the development of Ubuntu, and it integrates Zarafa, a drop-in replacement of Exchange server. Reasons to attend: * Find an alternative to the discontinued SBS: Learn about an easy-to-use, alternative for your customers * Avoid the cloud: Why force small business customers to go to the cloud when they may prefer to keep an in-house server? * Find a cost-effective alternative: Learn how to avoid upgrading your

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